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They say that change is good. If that’s true, then The Practice Solution Magazine will take a nice step forward this year with the changes we have underway

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Matthew Bratschi and I’ve recently accepted the position of Managing Editor for The Practice Solution Magazine.

We’ll be regularly contacting our readers to find out what they liked best about the magazine and areas that could be fine-tuned.

We’ll be adding regular features to the magazine including profiles on doctors and businessmen that are outstanding in their fields. A FAQ (frequently asked questions) page will be added as well as an e-mail “hotline” to me for direct communication.

The purpose of The Practice Solution Magazine is to provide an information source on practice and small business management issues that fills an existing need amongst healthcare and business professionals.

Previously, The Practice Solution Magazine has concentrated solely on members of the healthcare profession. This year we will branch out somewhat into general small business, although healthcare will remain our primary focus. There are, simply, common management problems in all small businesses – i.e. staff management, financial management, getting new patients/customers, etc. With the proper management education there are solutions to all of these problems, no matter the type of business one operates.

As many of you know, surveys are the crux of The Practice Solution Magazine. This issue spotlights recent surveys conducted on optometrists all over the country. There is some fascinating information that was uncovered that applies to all industries. This is something that we are finding out in our ongoing surveys of practitioners in the fifty States and Canada. Apparently, there are universal truths.

The article that explains the results of the survey is the first in a series of articles outlining issues that YOU have said are the biggest problems in your practices and businesses. Our next issue will address the results of our surveys with veterinarians and the following issue will highlight the results of our surveys with dentists.

I look forward to making The Practice Solution Magazine your first stop for industry news and interaction. It’s great to be here!

Matthew Bratschi
Managing Editor
The Practice Solution Magazine

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