Setting and Attaining Goals

The Targeting of Production

A very important aspect of group coordination and leadership is providing the staff with goals that are real to them and that they feel are attainable. In order to raise the production to the range you desire, the targets (both monthly and weekly) must be stated and “kept alive” with the staff.

Following is a suggested method of doing this:

As close to the beginning of the month as possible, sit down with your staff and go over the preceding month’s statistics, discussing very specifically what was done that created the production, new patients and collections (or lack thereof).

You would take into consideration the number of days worked, the promotional actions which were being done (or not done), the types of services which were being delivered or promoted and any problems (or successful actions) which occurred during the month.

To set the goal for the new month, you would look at the number of days that you are going to be working in the new month. You would look at the appointment book and determine what you have “on the books” so far. You would take a look at what types of promotional actions you have already planned (or are presently in progress). You would then consider what a realistic target would be for the new month, taking into consideration what the practice really can do and very importantly, picking a figure that is UP from the preceding month.

It is then extremely helpful for the staff to be given weekly and daily production targets that will be needed to make the overall goal. This will help them to stay focused toward “production booking”. They know exactly what must be produced to reach the goal by the end of the month.

You can then monitor the progress toward that goal by making a graph that statistically lays out the overall production goal and allows you to plot the actual production as it occurs. This could be done for weekly and monthly goals and for all individual production goals. (See example graph).

Setting and Attaining Goals

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