From the Editor: Office Basics

Maintaining Stability in your practice

At The Practice Solution Magazine, we are constantly doing surveys of health care professionals to help determine what type of information to provide in our upcoming issues. The interviews we do often paint a vivid picture of problems indigenous to doctors in any profession. This quarter’s edition of The Practice Solution contains articles that address ensuring your practice becomes more stable through written communication that provides common policies for all members of your staff.

The key basics addressed in this issue are creating job descriptions, writing standard policies for your practice and implementing specific policy if you leave your practice for any period of time. You should find these useful

This issue additionally contains the final installment of a two-part series on conflict resolution by Daniel Bobrow, president of American Dental Company and founder of Climb For A Cause. As mentioned in our last issue, Climb For A Cause is a non-profit foundation, whose mission is to provide health care treatment and education to people in need worldwide. It seeks to encourage adventure travel, while emphasizing social action, responsibility and accountability. This year’s climb of Oregon’s Mt. Hood will be July 13, 14 and 15. While this year’s climb is now closed, if you’re interested in participating in the future, contact Mr. Bobrow using the contact information in the article he wrote for Solutions or go to Funds raised from this effort will be used to support dental education and treatment projects in both Guatemala and Cambodia.

Based upon interviews personally conducted on doctors all over the country, staff writer Ken DeRouchie has written an interesting piece on how to ensure you increase your collection percentages and create a higher standard for your practice.

In this issue we also have an assortment of news articles you may find of interest.

We hope you find the information in this issue informative and useful. And, if this is your first visit to our magazine, please take the time to look at some of our past issues for additional material that you may find helpful in the management of your practice.


Ken DeRouchie

Managing Editor

The Practice Solution Magazine

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