From the Editor

For starters, we wish to thank everyone reading our on-line magazine for the massive amount of help you provided in our continual surveying of practice owners. Our survey team was very busy last quarter calling all over the U.S. and Canada. The survey results were very interesting and helped us design the format for this issue of The Practice Solution Magazine.

Given the nature of today’s financial climate, it is not surprising that our survey team found that there is a great deal of attention on the ability of the practice to attract new patients and clients. Our surveys showed that 60% of the professionals we talked to do little or nothing to effectively market for new patients/clients. Therefore we have included in this issue several articles on marketing, with emphasis on internal marketing (rather than fancy and/or expensive advertising) and more specifically, doing effective marketing surveys to find out what your public needs and wants. Knowing the basics of marketing will help attract more new patients – something vital in these economic times.

We have also included a number of articles presenting viewpoints that we think are important for professionals to have during the economic slump we are all experiencing.

As always, we scoured the Internet newswires for profession specific articles that we thought might be of interest and use to our readers.

In the spirit of offering solutions to the everyday business of running a practice, I offer you the next issue of The Practice Solution Magazine.

Cory D. Radosevich
Managing Editor
The Practice Solution Magazine

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