3 Easy steps to reducing stress in your practice.

How can you expand if your staff are stressed out?

Staff bickering and personality conflicts can be a major source of stress in an office, knowing how to deal with it can be extremely useful.

If you let employee situations go on for too long, bad things happen and you can end up losing not only the problem employee, but other good employees as well. When you encounter two or more employees feuding;

Find out as quickly as possible who seems to be instigating the problem
Determine which of the two is the most productive employee,
Nip it in the bud, fast.

Normally other staff have either been involved or observed a staff conflict in one form or another. Interview these staff and get a more neutral opinion on what is going on and who is really causing the problem. Interview the staff involved and get their side of the story. From this you should be able to find out who the real problem employee is.

Make sure, above all else, execute the above steps QUICKLY.

The longer this is allowed to continue, the more likely it is that other staff will start to feel that their work place is not safe. You could end up losing a really good employee because you didn’t handle the problem and act swiftly.

One easy way to keep your work place stress free:

Having office policy and job descriptions in place to govern acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the practice will give you an important foundation to stand on when handling staff conflicts.

Document, document, document in writing the issues and what was done to handle the people involved. Without this documentation you can open yourself up to potential legal issues.

With your practice stress reduced, your staff, Office Manager and you, can work quickly, efficiently and everyone will win!

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