From the Editor

Hello and thanks for taking the time to stop by The Practice Solution Magazine. My name is Ken DeRouchie and I am the newly appointed editor of the magazine and this is my first From The Editor article.

Ten years ago, in 2002, I helped launch this magazine and bring it from concept to fully functioning web magazine. In the past 10 years I’ve also been a contributing writer in every issue.

I’d like to give you a little of my history. In July of 1990 I came to work for Silkin Management Group and have been an analyst for the company ever since. I spend much of my day talking to doctors from all over North America about the challenges they are facing in private practice. I help them pin point the causes of these issues and give them recommendations and solutions to these problems.  (For more information about Silkin, visit the website at

I also have a background in writing so, combining my experience working with doctors and my past writing,  It was a natural progression for me to get involved with the magazine.

In this issue of the magazine we have addressed problems ranging from staffing, employee conflicts, case acceptance, net profit as well as other topics.  I hope that we have offered some sound advice to you that will help you with some of these issues.

In past issues of this magazine there has been a mix of practice management related articles as well as articles about clinical issues impacting doctors and patients alike. In this issue and future issues I plan to focus on just practice management aspects that impact practice owners.

I welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you. Feel free to email me at or feel free to call me at 800-695-0257.


Ken DeRouchie
Editor – The Practice Solution


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